Stellar Evolution Project




  1. Cite Dalton's atomic theory.
  2. Read and annotate the background information on evolution of stars.
  3. How would you change #4 of Dalton's theory?
  4. What evidence in the reading justifies the modification of theory #4?
  5. Generate your interpretation of a stellar evolution on a butcher paper.
  6. alpha (α) decay:
  7. beta (β) emitters:
  8. How #6 and #7 are different from #4?
  9. Explain how gamma ray is different from alpha and beta emission.
  10. Look at the spectra of the four (4) different elements below and identify the element(s) in Star 1 and 2.
  11. Correctly identify and explain the stages of these two (2) stars. Which one is more like our sun? Why?
Spectra Charts

Chemistry in September