Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment



  1. Be careful not to move the boards from their positions. Do not look in between the boards.
  2. Tape a blank piece of white paper on top of the top board.
  3. Roll a marble in between the boards. Use your pencil to mark the white paper with the marble’s exact point of entry and the exact point of exit.
  4. Connect the point of entry (arrow in) and the point of exit (arrow out) by using a ruler to represent the pathways and where they meet.
  5. Do steps #3 and #4 ten (10) times from each of the four sides of the boards and the four corners of the boards. A total of 80 times.
  6. Outline the shape that emerges on the white paper.



1. Explain how this lab simulation is similar to Rutherford's experiment. ???

How to do this assignment?

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