Based on closed reading, summarize what a polymer is.



  1. Obtain about 10 Orbeez beads.
  2. Place them on the balance and find their dry mass.
  3. Place them in a plastic bag.
  4. Add 1/4 bag of water and see them grow.
  5. Place your name(s) of the baggie and wait for three (3) days.
  6. Place the grown Orbeez on the balance and find their wet mass.
  7. Calculate the percent of increase in mass (water absorption).
  8. Place Orbeez on an evaporating dish.
  9. Re-dry the beads overnigh.
  10. Find the redried mass
  11. Determine is any material is dissolved.



1. What are industrial usages for Orbeez? ???
2. List three (3) manipulations you can make for this experiment. ???

How to do this assignment?

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