1. Place a binder clip at 50.0cm mark of the meter stick. Hook the hanger to the clip to keep the meter stick leveled. (This is a first class lever.)
  2. Hang a 200 g mass at the 80 cm (distance from fulcrum, Lr) by using a binder clip. (The clip should be in the downward direction.) This is your input force, Fin.
  3. Hang a spring scale upside down at the 20 cm (distance from fulcrum, Le) by using another clip. Measure the effort force, Fout.
  4. Calculate the mechanical advantage (MA = Le Lr).
  5. Repeat steps #2 - #4 with the mass moved to the 90 cm mark.
  6. Repeat steps #2 - #4 with the mass moved to the 60 cm mark.


1. What are three (3) points of a lever? ???
2. Explain the three (3) classes of lever. (You may draw pictures.) ???
3. What is the relationship of Force and Length? (Use a mathematic equation as your explanation.) ???

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