Inclined Plane



  1. Use the spring scale to read the force (Fin) of the mass.
  2. Raise the inclined plane with two (2) books and measure the height (Dh) of the ramp. Calculate the work input. (Win = Fin Dh)
  3. Pull the 200-g mass up across the ramp (Dl) and read the force (Fout) of the mass.
  4. Calculate the work output. (Wout = Fout Dl)
  5. Calculate the mechanical advantage (MA = Dl Dh).
  6. Raise the inclined plane higher by stacking a tray on top of the books and place the ramp on top of the tray.
  7. Measure the new height and calculate the new work input.
  8. Try to use the same constant speed as in #3 to calculate the new work output.
  9. Calculate the new mechanical advantage.


1. How does a ramp make a job easier? ???
2. Will the mechanical advantage increase, decrease, or remain the same if you make the inclined plane steeper? ???

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